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With her Balanced Body Mat Pilates certificate, Kiara brings a classy touch to the exercise floor. She has a great knack for being able to introduce Pilates to the first time beginner and then know when to turn it up for the more advanced.
Not long ago Laura was in the ring competeing in the sport of kickboxing. Rather than hang her gloves up for good, she decided to to keep them on and continue with kickboxing as an avenue for better fitness. She doesn't get hit back anymore, and neither will you, but you can be guaranteed her class will kick you butt.
As a professional Stuntman and volunteer firefighter, Ken has been spending his life taking care of his body. Whether it was to purposely put on 40 lbs. to double an actor and then take it all off again (more than a couple of times), or to be in top physical condition to be able to overcome the conditions of firefighting, he has logged in enough gym time to know how to get it done. Through the SJI Fire deptartment Ken was able to become a Certified Fitness Coordinator.
Scott and Arian
Guro Scott Brennan has over 25 years of martial arts and self-defense training experience. He has been a certified instructor or Guro in the Filipino martial art of Kali/Jeet Kune Do since 1986, he is an associate instructor in Filipino Traditional Arnis and has taught seminars in the U.S., Canada and France. He is a state certified Unarmed Defensive Tactics instructor San Juan County Sheriffs Office. He combines his knowledge of the traditional martial arts with his practical street experience from law enforcement for a unique view on martial arts and training.

Arian Drake-Raue has been training with Guro Scott Brennan for over 5 years. He is a Lakan (Black Belt) authorized to teach Kali/Jeet Kune Do. He has taught or assisted with teaching martial arts seminars, self-defense courses and training law enforcement here and on the mainland. He is extremely knowledgeable about many different forms of martial arts from around the world and their training methods and brings this knowledge to his teaching.
With 35 years of various education and experience in yoga, gymnastics, and many styles of dance, as well as her own business, "Dance Medium", Melissa hopes to reach out to challenge and motivate people to better fitness
Becky is a certified Zumba instructor and has been dancing for almost 30 years. She is excited to combine her love of dancing with her dedication to physical fitness, and hopes to help motivate you in achieving your fitness goals!
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This class will be a basic format for all those looking to improve flexibility and to tone up the core and major muscle groups.

This morning class will be a great way to continue your day with poise and energy.
Fitness by Self Defense
Learn how to kick butt and get fit doing it. This class will teach you how to throw punch and kick combinations as well as give you the tools to be able to handle yourself in a self defense situation, all the while getting a boxers sweat induced workout.
Everybody Hates Abs
15 minutes of core strengthening using only your body as the tool. Get killer results using varied movements with few repititions and no crunches, grunting, or neck strain. Best of all it's over before you know it.
This class will introduce stretching positions that will help elongate the entire body, target areas of specific concern, and increase you flexibility to enhance your overall physical presence. Remember, there are no benefits whatsoever to NOT stretching.
Zumba is the fastest growing fitness craze today! It is fun, different, easy, and effective. Zumba is an easy to follow dance fitness class that is infused with Latin and Hip Hop flavor. You'll have so much fun you'll never even know you are toning and sculpting your body. Zumba is for everyone; no dance experience is required. Ditch the workout, Join the party!!!
Personal Training
Whether you want a program that is specific to your fitness goals, or you just need that extra push, a personal trainer might be your answer. Check in at the front desk and make an appointment.
Diet & Nutrition
Many people forget, deny, or just don't know how important nutrition is to our health & fitness. We are lucky to have the professional services of Registered Dietition Terri Blair available to us. Terri has developed a diet & nutrition program specific to Xtreme Fitness and our remote island lifestyle that she can consult, prescribe, and manage all from her office on Queen Anne. Terri will be making visits from time to time at Xtreme Fitness have some meet & greets and answer a few of your questions. Keep an eye out on the class schedules for the days she will be here and in the meantime you can ask us at the front desk for anymore information about Terri's services and prices.
Total Body Conditioning
Enjoy a fast paced full body workout as you move through a variety of stations. This is interval training, giving you an intense yet well distributed workout suitable to the beginner and challenging for the advanced fitness enthusiast.
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