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During these trying economic times, we at Xtreme fitness San Juan Island believe that your fitness shouldn't have to suffer. That's why we are going to be offering Grand Opening membership prices for a limited time. Just to give you an idea of our membership prices, we have listed below the costs for an Individual One Year Membership.
Up Front Costs
- First month
- Initiation

- Total paid up front

Monthly Payments
11 monthly payments at:
Executive Membership
Our Executive Membership offers some very unique services not found elsewhere on our island. This premium membership is for the fitness enthusiast who would like to work out during non conventional hours. Although at times this access has some limited amenities as there may be no staff on duty, you do have complete access to all of our first rate exercise equipment from the hours of 4:00am to 11:00 pm every day of the year. Entry is by personalized key card only, there is video monitoring with emergency alarms and Panic button devices throughout providing a safe, secure workout environment.
Please contact us about some of the additional benefits and options of our services or stop by for a visit!

  • We also have other membership variations if you are interested in something more short term.
  • We also have weekly and day passes.
  • Want a locked in LIFETIME RATE? Sign up for a one year commitment and as long as you never lapse in dues or alter your membership, we will never increase your rate!
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